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grindhouse picture books

twisted stories and amazing characters, brought to life with stunning photography presented in high quality picture books.

The first of our picture books,
"The Gunner, the Love and the Baron".
a steampunk tale.

The war of the world is raging and the two most powerful forces are attempting their very last push for victory agaist each other. The north is sending in their hero soldier to face off against the souths most powerful and dangerous war machine, the Baron.
But our hero, Gunner, must meet up with his true love, one more time, before going into what could be he's final battle.

Shot in a tank museam, with a small army of assistence, professional make up and hair designers, and 3 amazing models and actors.

This little shoot was an excerise in experimentation. three main characters, create a story on the spot and shoot the scenes to tell the tale.

Currently in final stages of completion. A very limited edition will soon be available to purchase.

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giuseppe dante sapienza